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Brazilian Butt Lift

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For many women, a round, plump buttocks is part of today's ideal of beauty. Inspired by the physical stature of Brazilian women, the Brazilian Butt Lift – an enlargement of the buttocks – has become a common procedure for aesthetic plastic surgery. With the help of autologous fat, which was previously obtained by liposuction, the buttocks can be plumped up, the volume of the buttocks increased and the skin tightened.

How does a Brazilian Butt Lift work?

A Brazilian Butt Lift is performed on an outpatient basis and takes about 2-3 hours. It is worked under general anesthesia. The buttocks enlargement consists of two combined interventions. First of all, autologous fat must be extracted from the body as part of a classic liposuction. Depending on the distribution of individual fat reserves, liposuction can be performed on the abdomen, back, hips or legs. Since a Brazilian Butt Lift requires about 300-350 ml of fat per buttocks, it can be more difficult for slim women to gain a sufficient amount of autologous fat. Gaining weight in advance of treatment can fix this problem. The fat removed as part of liposuction is cleaned, processed and can now be injected into the buttocks in a second procedure. With the help of fine cannulas, the fat cells are injected into the gluteal muscle. The surgeon pays attention to an even distribution of the adipose tissue. Subsequently, a pressure bandage is applied and the buttocks enlargement is completed.

What does the aftercare after a Brazilian Butt Lift look like?

A few hours after the treatment, the patient can leave the clinic again. A physical protection of 1-2 weeks is recommended. In the first two months after buttocks augmentation with autologous fat, the introduced fat cells heal in the tissue. During this time, compression underwear must be worn to support healing and avoid the development of bumps and dents. Compression underwear must also be worn in the area of the body where liposuction took place. After about 2 months, it is visible to what extent the introduced fat cells in the buttocks have healed. Since the healing rate of the fat cells is about 50-70%, an intended 'overcorrection' is usually made to achieve the desired enlargement of the buttocks.