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Intimate surgery is an important part of aesthetic medicine, especially among women, intimate surgical procedures are becoming increasingly popular. The most common intimate surgical treatment is labia correction, also called labio correction or labioplasty. It aims to correct and reshape the inner and outer labia according to the wishes of the patient. As part of a labia correction, the inner labia can be reduced in size and the outer labia can be tightened and plumped. The reason for labioplasty can be genetically determined enlarged labia or the sagging of the labia due to advancing age or childbirth.

How does a labia correction work?

The course of a labia correction depends on the type of correction. As a rule, outpatient surgery is performed under local anesthesia with twilight sleep. The most common labia correction is labia reduction. If the inner labia are so enlarged that they are no longer enclosed by the outer labia or even hang down, this can not only be perceived as disturbing from an aesthetic point of view, but also lead to pain during sports or sexual intercourse. The surgical reduction of the inner labia can help here. As part of an approximately one-hour procedure, excess tissue of the inner labia is removed, and different cutting techniques can be used depending on the findings. The wound edges are sutured with self-dissolving threads and the labia reduction is completed. Corrections to the outer labia are also possible. If the labia have lost volume and firmness, a labia enlargement can achieve a padding. Through an injection of autologous fat, which was previously obtained from the body in the course of a small liposuction, the outer labia are given new volume. An injection of hyaluronic acid can also be used for this purpose. If there is excess, sagging tissue in the area of the outer labia, this can be surgically removed as part of a labia lift. Thus, an optical rejuvenation of the genital area is achieved.

What should be considered after a labia correction?

After labioplasty, the genital area should first be cooled. A few hours after the procedure, the patient can leave the clinic again, but she should spare herself for a few days. The genital area should not be exposed to mechanical influences, sports and sexual intercourse are therefore only possible again about 4 weeks after the procedure.