I approach my work as a form of art

Not to create something that is completely removed from the original to feed some unreachable ideal but rather to evoke emotions and comfort within one’s own skin. Therefore, my art has limits – realistic limits – anatomical, physiological as well as sociological.

My canvas, the human body, is never the same from one person to another and is in constant flux as we go through the beautiful changes of aging. I feel very privileged being able to work in the most creative field of medicine and on the most beautiful creation, the human body.


– Eyelids
–– Upper eyelid blepharoplasty
–– Lowed eyelid blepharoplasty
–– Removal of dark circles
– Face lift
– Neck lift
– Forehead lift
– Eyebrow lift
– Nose correction / Rhinoplasty
– Otoplasty


– Breast augmentation
–– with implants
–– with fat transfer
– Breast reduction
– Breastlift / Mastopexy
– Gynaecomastia


– Mommy makeover
– Brazilian butt lift/ Buttock augmentation
– Liposuction
– Tummy tuck
– Mini Tummy Tuck
– Brachioplasty / Arm lift
– Upper thigh lift


– Labiaplasty


– Exokine unicorn lift
– Botox
– Dermal fillers
–– Lip enhancement
–– Tear trough
–– Jawline
–– Nose reshaping – Non surgical rhinoplasty
– Thread lift
– Lipolysis